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Veterinary Services From Northwest Animal Hospital

Quality Services for All Animal Friends

Our experienced, compassionate veterinarians at Northwest Animal Hospital are committed to helping your pets live long, healthy lives. Drs. Molly O'Bannion, Peggy Huckabee, Lynlee Linke, and Kathy McLaughlin provide high-quality, personalized care for virtually all animal companions, including cats and dogs, exotic pets, and large animals. You are always welcome to request the same veterinarian for every visit.

We are pleased to offer pet families in our community the following services:

Wellness & Prevention: Nothing is more important for your pet’s health than annual wellness exams. If it’s been more than a year since your pet’s last checkup, give us a call today.

Dentistry: Routine dental visits not only improve the appearance of your pet’s pearly whites but also reduce your pet’s risk of developing gum disease, which can quickly escalate into more serious conditions.

Surgery: We perform spay/neuter surgery as well as a wide range of non-cardiovascular soft tissue procedures.

Cold Laser Therapy: We are pleased to offer pet families the advantages of cold laser therapy for pain management, faster healing, and increased range of motion.

Pet Acupuncture: Our pet acupuncture, electric acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and moxibustion holistic services serve a wide range of purposes on your pet’s healthcare journey.

Exotics: Our quality veterinary services extend to virtually any and all companion pets, including birds, snakes, and hedgehogs.

Large Animal Care: For our families with farm animals, we are pleased to offer farm calls for both wellness and sick care.

Please give us a call to schedule your pet’s next visit or if you have any questions about the services at Northwest Animal Hospital.